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A place for summaries and translations of Korean-language comics along with commentaries. (May add random reviews later.)

I consider this an ongoing project, so will be adding things and correcting mistakes/omissions as I find them. I usually do writeups in between other projects and activities, so updates probably won't be frequent.

Please don't repost my translations elsewhere or use them for scanlations or similar projects, thanks!

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Because of personal preference, I use the McCune-Reischauer romanization system, given in parentheses (e.g. Chosŏn, pyŏktol). Revised romanization will be given in brackets [Joseon, byeokdol]. If both McCune-Reischauer and Revised systems render a word in the same way, just the M-R is given (after the first appearance of a word, M-R will be used). This may make for somewhat clunky reading, but I figure it's better to err on the side of being inclusive. Chinese characters (hanmun) for names/words, when known, are given in { }, Korean words are in italics. The word in the original 한글 (han'gŭl) [hangeul] will usually precede the romanization(s). For words with idiosyncratic but established romanizations, I'll probably go with those (i.e. hangul). Lastly, **RT** is a note to myself to 're-translate.'

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1) Nabi by 김연주 (Kim Yeon-joo)
Daewon C.I. Inc. Vols. 1-11 (ongoing).

• About
Nabi is set in a world closely modeled on dynastic Korea that also has several anachronistic elements sprinkled throughout the story (airships, jokes referencing the contemporary world). Many comics are set in places broadly based in Korean or Chinese history and culture, like Nabi seems to be, but they tend to be in the genre of martial arts adventures (무협 (muhyŏp) [muhyeop] {武侠}), and although many of the characters in Nabi have a background in the martial arts, the complicated relationships developing between these characters, rather than martial arts action, take center stage.

• Summaries with Excerpts
Volume 1 (February 2007)
Volume 2 (July 2007)
Volume 3 (December 2007)
Volume 4 (June 2008)
Volume 5 (November 2008)
Volume 6 (April 2009)
Volume 7 (October 2009)

Volume 8 (May 2010)
Volume 9 (October 2010)
Volume 10 (March 2011)

Volume 11 (August 2011)
Volume 12 (Febuary 2012)
Volume 13 (July 2012)

Volume 14 (December 2012)
Volume 15 (June 2013)

Volume 16
Volume 17
Volume 18

Characters (Contains spoilers up to volume 7)

2) 연민의 굴레 by 재활용 (jae hwal-yong)
Naver Comics (ongoing)

A 4-panel version of 연민의 굴레 is also appearing in the monthly comics magazine 부킹 Booking starting with its May 2011 issue.

• Translations
Chapters 1-10
Chapters 11-20
Chapters 21-30

These translations feature Revised Romanization.

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Thanks for your interest and patience.


2023-03-21 12:46 pm
I like to keep comments off on the summary/translation entries because I'm always going back and fiddling with the text and making corrections, but if you'd like to give me any feedback on how this stuff is working so far, please leave comments here. Crits/suggestions for improvement are welcome – feel free to comment anon if you'd like (screened for spam).
Temporarily breaking hiatus for just a partial update of 연민의 굴레 (chapters 31-36)...

I'll definitely add the translations of 37-40 at some point to this post, but I've finally gotten volumes 8-11 of Nabi, so will be concentrating on those much more.

연민의 굴레 031 )

연민의 굴레 032 )

연민의 굴레 033 )

연민의 굴레 034 )

연민의 굴레 035 )

연민의 굴레 036 )
연민의 굴레 (Yeon min ui gullae 'The Ties That Bind') (?)
Art and writing by 재활용

This currently-running series is published on Naver Comics (네이버 만화), a popular web portal for webcomics ('webtoon' in Korean), and is updated every Monday. The artist/author's name is 'jae hwal yong', which can be a pun on the word jaehwalyong, meaning 'reusable'.

I'm still more interested in doing summaries of comics in print and generally prefer reading things in print, as well, but I thought this very charming high school slice-of-life story would be a fun project.

Because there are already many chapters up and each installment is fairly short, I'll be posting translations of 10 chapters per post (posts will probably not be frequent or regular though). I am planning on translating all the available chapters.

Translation Notes )

연민의 굴레 001 )

연민의 굴레 002 )

연민의 굴레 003 )

연민의 굴레 004 )

연민의 굴레 005 )

연민의 굴레 006 )

연민의 굴레 007 )

연민의 굴레 008 )

연민의 굴레 009 )

연민의 굴레 010 )
Still on indefinite hiatus (during which time this very slow-moving and slowly released series has gotten up to volume 10...), sorry, too much RL business, but finally got around to posting some basic character information (contains spoilers). I also went through the summaries and fixed a major romanization mistake with 적영's name.

Contains spoilers up to volume 7

Nabi: Characters (Listed by known affiliation) )
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